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Context types example

This code defines a class MyApp which extends BaseComponent from the @symbiotejs/symbiote module.

The class has an init$ object that sets initial values for four properties:

  • first is set to the string 'FIRST'.
  • attr is set to an empty string.
  • *second is set to the string 'SECOND'.
  • myctx/third is set to the string 'THIRD'.

The init$ object also defines an onClick method that updates the value of first property to the current timestamp when the first <div> element is clicked.

The class has a static template property that defines an HTML template for the component using the Symbiote template syntax. The template defines four <div> elements, each of which displays the value of one of the four properties defined in the init$ object.

The class also uses the bindAttributes() method to map an attribute named attr-test to the attr property, which means that if the attr-test attribute is set on an instance of the component, the value of that attribute will be stored in the attr property.

Finally, the class registers itself as a custom element with the name 'my-app' using the reg() method from the BaseComponent class, which means that instances of the component can be created and inserted into the DOM using the <my-app> tag.