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External templates

Symbiote.js allows to define or to provide customized templates outside the JavaScript runtime as a native template-element in the common document structure.

To enable that feature, use allowCustomTemplate property:

class MyComponent extends BaseComponent {

  // Enable external template usage:
  allowCustomTemplate = true;

  init$ = {
    title: 'Title',
    clicks: 0,
    onClick: () => {


Provide template element's DOM selector with a use-template attribute:

<template id="external-template">
  <h1>Symbiote.js | External templates</h1>
  <button set -onclick="onClick">Click me!</button>

<my-component use-template="#external-template"></my-component>

That allows you to create components which might be deeply customized by component users without writing even a string of JavaScript. All you need is to provide some data context with your initial component.