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Progressive complexity

Progressive complexity - is a one of the core concepts in Symbiote.js philosophy. We believe that simple things should stay simple and all the complications should fit to their purposes. That means, that we shouldn't add all possible dependencies to our project to start it. We want to write our "Hello worlds" in seconds and to be able to select the order and the number of dependencies by ourselves in that moment, when we wish to. We don't force you to use some specific instruments or install the tons on npm-packages. You can add everything later, and only if you sure that you need them, or skip some at all. All you need to create your application - is the browser and the text editor. So you can start to learn Symbiote.js from scratch even if you not familiar with modern build tools yet. Or, if you an experienced developer, you can try it without switching from you favorite environments.

Invent the new industry standards with us! ❤️